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-color request for

-Comic pages for Alexander-Mosaic-??
-page 7-1/14/14
-page 8-1/18/14
-page 9-1/20/14
-pages 10 to 13-1/30/14
-pages 14 to 18- 2/5/14


-Prize for CLFord featuring… 4/15/13
-"unexpected" story line start- 4/18/13
-redo ref for Regal Ease- 4/10/13
-redo ref for Enigma Deep-4/15/13
-redo ref for Skies of Grey-4/25/13
-draw foal from of Dawn's Radiance-4/26/13
-training pictures for everyone - 5/13
-update all lists and make sure everyone is registered with proper groups - 5/13

-Prizes for TDHS draft show
--Full body--

ffs high style
Emma Dottir
Dag Isson
Honey Steele Spitfire
Outlaw Supernova
Miz D Spitfire

Humanity's Mendip Blagdon
FFS PhD In Horribleness
FFS Divine Terror

FFS Wafflehouse Tryst
FFS Rum Wrath
The Silver Bullet
All That Glitters

Oliver and Company
PAEC Cataclism
PAEC Gypsy Casanova
SS Panda Mare
SS Rammstein
SS Dancing Queen
SS PrimaDonna
PAEC Joyful Noise
IVS The Return Of Sherlock Holmes
PAEC Coal Train


Planned Show Entries
:bulletred: Not Started :bulletblue: in progress :bulletgreen: complete

Natural Drafters's 2013 Year End Championship
Due: 1/15/2014 :bulletblue:

-futurity halter with RRF Storm's Cascade :bulletgreen:, RRF Nuče Ardente :bulletred:
-Mature Halter with Titan's Rockslide
-Dressage with Raindance Blues :bulletblue:
-Pleasure Driving with Titan's Rockslide



Sairen by Revolver-Waffle
Reference update for a super old oc, hah

I'm going to be using her and one other for a high fantasy rp with AgentQStables and her Adhacrann story

As for what breed these horses are, I think I'm going to call them Infused, and something something magic whatever I'll add it later.  I'm also going to make an alternate stable for this as Rockroot is strictly realistic, and after some thought I don't want to fuse the two. I'll link to the journal when it's up, The name for the stable is Boundless Fields.


Name: Sairin
Gender :Mare
Breed: Infused (more info later) 

Personality: Confident and in charge, can be  a bit overwhelming and forceful.


ps if you have any questions on the breed I actually have it more fleshed out that it sounds, I just don't have the patience right now to type out a bio, plus I want to make a reference sheet. I don't plan to make a group or anything like that it's more for personal story line use though. 
working on some fantasy harpg stuff for AgentQStables story, talk about a change of pace lol
35 deviations
Glow Run- Drive by Night Kvit+Sissy by Revolver-Waffle
Glow Run- Drive by Night Kvit+Sissy
edit 4: also jusr\t realized i forgot the reins
(fixed now)

edit 3: soooooooooo I cropped a whole bunch out (ie the cart) so I could get it finished, hopefully it's acceptable!!

Horse's Name: Silk For Steel(front) and White Gold de Trop

Horse's Age: Silk for Steel- 10 and White Gold- 5 

Class Showing: Drive by Night

Previous Shows&Placings: 
Silk For Steel:
Feather Hills Draft and Pony Show:dreamingofhorses67.deviantart.……
Place: 4th

Winter Womderland Ball and Show:…
Combined Driving-
Place: First…

2013 Palo Duro Chariot Race 
Entry:… Place: Seventh

White Gold:
Winter Wonderland Ball and Show: 
Combined Driving Entry:…
Place: First…

2013 Palo Duro Chariot Race 
Entry:… Place: Seventh

Previous Training Images: (The class showing only)

Rider's Name: Ross Cunningham 
Rider's Age: 23

edit 2:gotta go fast, lets see if i can get this done for tomorrow night, Just got finish everything lol

Work in progress for this show:  Glow Run Show - End Date Added! :D:new: Now sanctioned with the Dressage-League !
Glow Run is an event that the whole Ranch is excited to present. We'll have a Glowing Horse section, a Glowing Paint section, and a Glowing Tack section. This is a mostly Race and Cross Country show, but we'll also have Dressage, Show Jumping, and Haute d'Ecole. We hope to see you there! :D
The Entry Form:
Please provide the following information in your entries:
Horse's Name:
Horse's Age:
Class Showing:
Previous Shows:
Previous Placings:
Previous Training Images: (The class showing only)
Rider's Name:
Rider's Age:
:new: End Date: 10/30/2014
Judging Date: Possibly the 31st but I may be out of town for like a week. ^^;
Don't feel pressured if you don't have previous show entries or training images. There are only a few select classes that have requirements of this.
Glowing Breeds Classes
Your horse must naturally glow. This includes Auralight and Moonlight potions for Nordanners, as well as any mutations th

I hate carts
Kinda took a bit of a long hiatus. Didn't really mean to but I just kinda fell off the face of the earth when it comes to dA, then I remembered the rbrc challenge and that I promised a year subscription and had to check in. Plus I have a few days off in a mini vacation, so I'm hoping to get everything up and going again. My excuses for being busy include 2 jobs, school and owing my own place like a real adult, but I still feel super bad about being as afk as I was.

Things that need to be looked into-

:iconlouhd: desperately needs another admin, I don't know how much time I'm going to have for everything and I'd love to run an Christmas show, but I'm also worried about not following through as I have had that issue before.

art I owe people. I've turned into one of those assholes who never does art that's promised. Oh boy.

:icondrum-horse-society: is pretty dead too and that's my fault. Maybe I can do a combo show for both that and :iconlouhd:

bovidaeloony has kept :iconrealbreed-realcolor: going strong but as an admin I shouldn't just vanish. So I'm super sorry about being a major butt. I suck :(


Other than that-

We got a kitten! His name is Trusty Patches, I can post pics if anyone wants a looksie- he's super cute. He's about 6 months old now so not a kitten kitten but still adorable.

I'm free leasing my irl horse to a friend and that has been incredibly helpful, as before his board was draining all my money. This way I still own him but the costs are on someone else. So I just pay vet and other care, and it's a load off my back.

My car broke down 2 weeks ago and I spent about $500 getting it working. So that sucked and it's not quite fixed but at least it's running now.

Other stuff too, but that's the major. I think the dust is settling and I've gotten into a routine. I had just stayed away from dA so long I was kinda afraid to check into it, and it took a bit of convincing myself to look into the mail on my account. It's dumb, I know, and I am really sorry to my groups. 

Anyway, time to dust off this account and get things moving again!


United States
So, me: I love horses, Dungeons and Dragons, Magic: The Gathering, good anime, good cartoons, and gaming. I'm 22, pretty chill, working a lot and addicted to HARPG currently.


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